Unexplained Impressions in the Snowfall

February the 8th, 1855. As the sun sets and day turns into night, a heavy snowfall lands on the neighbourhood of Exeter. The winter has been far colder than usual, and the snow that evening settles on that of the night before, and the night before that, refusing to melt. Before sunrise, the local residents... Continue Reading →

‘Strange Effects’ out in the Desert

The submarine U-122 was a type IXB U-Boat of Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine, active during the early years of World War 2. She was launched on the 20th of December 1939 and commissioned roughly three months later under her first and only commander, one Korvettenkapitän Hans-Günther Looff. In June of 1940, she disappeared without trace. Her last... Continue Reading →

A Message from Persephone

Tucked away in the back of the good doctor’s journal was an envelope. The envelope contained a card, and inside that card was a handwritten message: My Dearest Thomas, 1,000 years ago, mankind knew the Earth was flat, 500 years ago, we knew that the Sun went round the Earth, 6 months ago, you knew... Continue Reading →

He Who Has the Deer’s Antlers

7th October 2015 Jemma Harding is an entertaining woman, with striking red hair and the enviable ability to spin an interesting tale out of the most mundane of events. She is a journalist, and twenty years ago she was the European correspondent for a major British broadsheet. Several weeks ago a colleague of mine asked... Continue Reading →

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