The CIA, Remote Viewing and Project Stargate

This entry is from the collection of water damaged pages I found in the files. Once again, the first part is almost illegible, but from what I gather it's Dr Gotobed's thoughts on something called 'remote viewing'. The following is all I could salvage - C.R.  ... in 1991 when the CIA rolled these various… Continue reading The CIA, Remote Viewing and Project Stargate

A Colossus of the Deep

In the late November of 1861, just off the coast of Tenerife, the French steamer Alecton cruised its way toward Cayenne when the lookout on duty called out. Beside the ship, partly submerged beneath the waves, appeared to be a giant sea monster. It had several long arms, and a large, torpedo-shaped body. The captain,… Continue reading A Colossus of the Deep