Chris Reeve Esq.

‘Take a seat and let me recount to you a story; not a tale of clanking chains and forgotten deeds, but of unknown forces that stalk the fields, shadows that move through reality and haunt the phone-lines, things that knock in the night and shift steamboats through time and space…’

Hello there, I’m Chris Reeve Esq. I’m a writer of strange tales and weird literature, stories that hopefully worm their way into your mind and leave you questioning the nature of your relationship of what we call reality.

Or at least wake you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and have you saying ‘what the f###…?’ 

This blog is a collection of tales taken from the files, journals and case notes of one Dr Thomas Gotobed, a paranormal investigator.

At least, that’s what I refer to him as. What he would call himself, I don’t know. I have never met the man.

If you have a spare ten minutes and would like to read something a little more ‘esoteric’, I suggest popping the kettle on and taking a dive into the diaries of Dr Gotobed. Just be warned: time becomes a rather fluid concept in the course of the good doctor’s investigations.


Published Work:

The Rose Room, a short story written for Oscurità: A Dark Anthology


Interview with the Some Other Sphere Podcast