Episode 11 – Promises

The final episode of season 2 of The Gotobed Diaries tells the tale of two lovers whose fates have become inextricably linked, for better or for worse. 

Available on SpotifyApple PodcastsPodbeanGoogle PodcastsStitcher and all other respectable podcast platforms.

This episode originally appeared in Issue 2 of the ‘zine published by the Nottingham Horror Collective.

Written, produced and narrated by C.W. Reeve. Additional voices provided by Archer Murray. Listening with headphones recommended. 

Sound effects obtained from www.zapsplat.com.

Music licensed from www.purple-planet.com

Picture from Pexels.

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The Gotobed Diaries will return for a one-off special at Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Episode 11 – Promises”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed that series! All great. Particularly enjoyed Experriment 202-b. I love that concept about remote viewing. And What’s In The Barn, Jim? I could see that as a Creepshow segment. I could almost see the background lighting change green at points! Really good to hear Promises in audio too.

    Hope you are well anyway and hopefully speak soon! Been a while…

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