Mutual Dreaming Part 3 – Grey Street

Grey Street

Dream Journal – Dr Tyrone SweetENTRY 211 DATE: 05/01/90

I am in a deserted city where everything is grey. Tall and empty buildings tower over me stretching out as far as the eye can see.

I have been here for minutes or for days. I am not sure which.

I am grey too.

Trash blows down the street. Newspapers and crisp packets and plastic bags and a cat made of smoke and static tumble by.

The cat stops. It is not grey but a riot of colours. It rubs against my legs and sparks fly from its fur.

‘Hello,’ I say.

‘Hello.’ The cat looks up at me as it speaks and I see its eyes are filled with time and stardust. ‘I am Sleep.’

‘Where is everyone?’ I ask.

‘They are around. Look again.’

My gaze turns back to my surroundings and hundreds, no thousands of people are there. They are in the streets, in the doorways, looking out of windows, looking at me.

They are all grey. They are all resentful and grey.

‘Who are they?’ I ask.

‘They are the Dreamers,’ replies the cat.

‘What do they want?’

‘They want to know who you are.’

I think for a moment. I cannot remember.

‘They know who you are not,’ Sleep says. ‘You are not the Watcher.’

I look around at the thousands of faces, each one scowling at me.

‘Why are they so angry?’

‘They want to know who gave you the right to record their dreams. You catalogue and you classify, yet you do not keep the Ways. The Watcher watches, yet you think that is not enough. You have to understand. They want to know why you must try and put wonder and fear into such little boxes.’

‘Tell them I’m sorry. Tell them I didn’t know.’

‘Tell them yourself.’

Sleep twists and turns and tumbles and fizzes down Grey Street, coloured smoke and static blowing in the breeze.


According to the records, Dr Tyrone Sweet was actually the instigator of the dream study and this is the only entry written by him. It is also the final entry, and the only version of this particular dream. Dr Gotobed notes that the whole programme appears to come to an abrupt end at this point. Previous entries can be found here and here – C.R.

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