The Thunder Drum

October 31st 2006 The following handwritten document was recovered from the body of one Professor Alana Fowler, head of Acoustic and Auditory science at Reading University. She disappeared over three decades ago, in March of 1975, at the same time as her husband was found strangled in the master bedroom of their spacious home in... Continue Reading →

Of The Crows

As a paranormal researcher, it is often presumed that my waking hours are filled with the strangest of events from the moment I wake until the moment I slumber. This is not true. Whilst I have personally witnessed several examples of most unusual phenomena, they have been few and far between. After all, these things... Continue Reading →

The USS Lioness

On the 3rd of November 1911 construction begins on the USS Lioness, a bulk cargo ship built by the Newport Ship Building and Dry Dock Company designed to carry coal and other supplies for naval use. The second of her class of five colliers, she is launched on the 15th of October 1912. Two years later she... Continue Reading →

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