‘A Nice Little Curio’

In the field of paranormal research, one of the more well-known subjects one will encounter is that of so-called ‘cursed objects’. From the famous sarcophagus of the Egyptian boy-king Tutankhamun, allegedly responsible for several tragic deaths since its discovery, to the limestone statue known as ‘the Woman of Lemb’, which apparently kills all who touch... Continue Reading →

The Keepers of the Luminosity

Once again I have to thank my friend Alexander McCulloch for his help with restoring this entry - C.R. Eric Peterson is born in 1974 in Ontario, Canada, to a small yet hardworking household of lapsed Catholics. He leaves school at the age of 18 and takes a job as an apprentice for a local... Continue Reading →

The Peculiar Fate of Professor Harper

After my graduation in 1989 I was introduced to one Professor Joanne Harper. Professor Harper was one of the leading lights in the field of psychical research at the time; a pioneer, if you will. It was her diligent research that led to the exposure of the controversial medium Madame Brass, and her work on... Continue Reading →

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