The Serpent in the Lake

The Alutiiq are a group of Eskimo people native to the Southern coast of Alaska. Like all the indigenous inhabitants of this part of the world, the mythology and folklore of the Alutiiq is varied and complex, but only one of their legends concerns us today. The Pâl-Raí-Yûk. The Pâl-Raí-Yûk, also called the Tizheruk, is... Continue Reading →

He Who Has the Deer’s Antlers

7th October 2015 Jemma Harding is an entertaining woman, with striking red hair and the enviable ability to spin an interesting tale out of the most mundane of events. She is a journalist, and twenty years ago she was the European correspondent for a major British broadsheet. Several weeks ago a colleague of mine asked... Continue Reading →

‘The Cannonball’

This is another one from Dr Gotobed's journal, however there is not a lot of corroborating evidence for this particular entry. I will detail what little I could find at the bottom of this post - C.R.  11th April 1974 Jason Ladejo is a troubled child, his mother a hazy memory and his father an... Continue Reading →

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