Notes on the Practice of Seancés

“Dr Gotobed, my friends/colleagues/associates and I are planning to hold a séance, what guidance can you offer us?”  In my line of work, this is the question I receive the most, from thrill seekers, the recently bereaved, and the occasional member of law enforcement. I have one simple piece of advice that I tell everyone who... Continue Reading →

Operation Werwolf

1st April 1945  ‘My werewolf teeth bite the enemy- And then he’s done and then he’s gone.’   These were the words, preceded by a wolf howling, that began the first transmission of Radio Werwolf. The Nazi Party, staring defeat in the face, used the broadcast to exhort every last German citizen to ‘stand his ground... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Paranormal

‘Dr Gotobed!’ I hear you cry. ‘There are no such things as ghosts! Shoals of fish do not just fall from the sky! People do not meet exact duplicates of themselves! The dead do not speak!’ I could go on. My response to that is simple: of all the people I have dealt with over... Continue Reading →

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